1st Round of MEDALS have ARRIVED

Looked what arrived today in the mail!!!! The first shipment of medals for the Guts & Glory 2014 Virtual Run! I am working on prepping to ship them out this weekend of Monday! Please bare with me. If you were hesitant on registering, well you are in luck there are still 25 spots available. Already as a group with 72 people submitting results we have ran 609 miles as a whole! There is still a week left to submit results.

Thus far our group is up to 125 people from all around the world! See for yourself here where people are running: http://wp.me/P4BzVC-4n

Register now via PayPal http://bit.ly/11ujmCw its only $20 and you get this AWESOME medal!

PS did I mention we have some AMAZING and AWESOME prizes we are raffling away.

For more info visit: https://crushcrohns.wordpress.com/

medal_actual final medal

Guts & Glory Raffle Prizes!

The raffle prizes just keep rolling in!!!! Here is what we have so far to give away:

– 3 Bondi Band Sweat Bands

Although Bondi Band began with only headbands, it has expanded to a full line of headwear, compression products and accessories in comfortable, colorful options to fit every lifestyle and personality for active women, men and children.

Bondi Band’s philosophy is to make great products at a great price and deliver superior customer service.

Along with offering functional unisex, high quality, American Made products, Bondi Band donates 10% of all profits to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

photo 1 (8)

3 Pairs of Box Sox

Socks without words are boring and unloved so we unleashed the Sox Box and racked up lotsa neat sayings for our first line! After searching far and wide for the best quality socks, we found our friends and take pride in them being made in the USA. The words and colors of our socks take many forms that, we hope, will bring oodles of joy to your legs and their admirers. For every person there is a sock and for every sock a person… we trust that we may be able to match you with that special pair to fulfill your most rudimentary need.

Fighter_600x900_fc1aa7c5-90ea-4edb-b91b-4611fe1233aa_1024x1024 Left_Not_Left_600x900_82b9ce03-4ce1-4e0c-8b0b-77518b3bf943_1024x1024 2_Legit_2_Quit_667x1000_7d0a4bd3-2875-4490-af92-11ac52f10eed_1024x1024

Bodybuilding.com gift pack

The World’s #1 Online Bodybuilding Website & Supplement Store! For anyone that is into fitness (lifting weights, running etc), we all know that finding good deal on supplements and information can be challenging.   I will PERSONALLY say that bodybuilding.com has been my #1 resource. I am currently doing a 12 week weight lifting plan, I buy my supplements from here (amazing prices) and I find that the articles are very interesting.  This prize pack will be split into 2 prize packs. Supplement (shaker, protein powder, BCAA and vitamins) and workout stuff (gym bag, bracelet, water and water bottle).

photo 2 (8)  photo 4 (1) photo 3 (2)photo 5 (1)     photo 1 (9)

Bruce G Ghost Pepper Set

Bruce’s Ghost Pepperz offers the highest quality of genuine Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) seeds and plants, as well as a nice variety of artisanal Ghost Pepper products—including our flavorful HOT blend of Bruce’s Ghost Pepper Sauce. We also have gift packages, perfect for holidays or other special occasions. All our hot and spicy products are from warm South Florida, with the perfect ultra-humid growing conditions for the hottest peppers! And we only grow Ghost Peppers, so we guarantee that our supplies are 100% pure!

photo 2 (7) 

Starbucks Coffee & Green Tea

Who doesn’t love Coffee and/or Tea! 4 Winners will receive either a lb of Starbucks Coffee or tin of their favorite tea. Selection will vary during the time of the season

…….more still to come!

18 Things Nobody Told Me About Running

1. It’s hard…like, really hard. But just like relationships, parenting and figuring out your new iPhone, it gets easier with time. You may even–gasp—start to like it!

2. Clipping your toenails will take precedence over plucking your eyebrows some days.

3. In spite of your childhood hatred of “weird food,” your pantry will be filled with running superfoods you’re not really sure how to pronounce, like quinoa, chia, spirulina and acai.

4. At some point, you will see other runners peeing in public. You will wrinkle your nose at them: EWWW, GROSS!

5. At some point, you, too, will pee in public. You will never judge again.

6. Ditto for snot rockets.

7. When you first start, four miles seems like a lot. One day, you’ll catch yourself telling someone “I only ran four miles today.” Try not to smile smugly when that happens.

8. You’ll wince at a pair of high heels with a $100 price tag, but declare it a bargain if that same tag is on your favorite running shoes.

9. Your laundry basket will smell like a boys’ locker room. You won’t really notice (or care).

10. You’ll geek out at the opportunity to run in the rain, because it’s just that awesome.

11. There will be stretches of days when you don’t feel like running at all. It’s perfectly normal, it’s not a failure, and a few days off does a body good.

12. Like Christmas, you will be wide awake at 2 a.m. on race morning, giggling. Also like Christmas, you will not be allowed to wake anyone in the house up until 5 a.m.

13. Without any prompting on your part, family members, friends and coworkers will take up running, too. They’ll ask all the same questions you had when you started—and this time, you’ll be the one with the answers.

14. The first thing you’ll do when you book a vacation or work travel is look for races and/or cool running routes in the area.

15. “Runger” is real, and it is marvelous. Only pregnant women and runners can truly understand strange cravings at strange times.

16. While running with your friends, you will talk about food, children, current events—everything but running. During cocktail hour with that same group, when you’re showered and wearing “real-world” clothes, all you will talk about, ever, is running.

17. The friends you make through running will become like family.

18. Anyone can do it. (Yes, you!) 

The full article can be found HERE

Motivation Monday – Abby Walker

I’d like you to meet Abby Walker, a fellow crohnie that I met via social media during my fundraising for CCFA this past June. Abby found my posts on Instagram and we began chatting. Come to find out that she was living in Kona at the time and would be there during my first half marathon for CCFA, which was June 22, 2014.  Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules we were unable to meet but since then have kept in constant contact.  I’d like to take a moment to share Abby’s story with you and give you another reason why I am proud to run the Vegas Rock n Roll this November in her honor.


Abby Walker


Abby Walker is 29 years old from Indiana.  She primarily works in ministry and missions. Currently she is working with a band and guard getting ready for the start of the season. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease September 2013.

The symptoms began around 2005. Abby was experiencing variety of intestinal pain and discomfort, frequenting the restroom, blood loss, lack of proper nutrition, loss of appetite, face pain, night sweats, eye swelling, joint pain, fatigue, dizziness, heartburn, and side effects caused from medications.  In September 2013 she was hospitalized for 4 days due to inflammation and ulcers, and found that she had formed scar tissue that resulted in a bowel obstruction, causing severe abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, and dehydration. The doctors have put Abby on various medications such as Humira, Budesonide 9 mg, Omeprazole, Zoloft, vitamin D, Vitamin C, Probiotic, Multi-Vitamin, and iron supplements as needed

Abby hospital 

Crohn’s has effected Abby in various ways. She was bed ridden for about 4 months, due to severe fatigue, and various other symptoms.  She had to re-learn how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it, had to learn to manage stress as well as I could and was unable to work for a period of time. The diagnosis and ongoing symptoms has also caused periodic struggles with depression. Abby’s pain tolerance is higher than it was, because most pain meds would irritate her stomach or make her ill. She knows that she will have good days and bad days.  On days when I feel good, I dance, challenge the group with exercise routines, laugh, and enjoy the little things.  Recently though, she’s been flaring for a few weeks, she hasn’t been able to be as physically involved in practices with the group, but that won’t stop her.  She is still there everyday directing and giving instructions to the team.

Abby n Mom

Abby now has more hope for the future, and she appreciate so many more little things than she did before, even though she won’t ever have a “normal” health, and eating whatever she choose.  She has struggled with feeling isolated, because of the illness and has even gone down a pants size, but it fluctuates from time to time now. Because of her meds, her immune system is much weaker, therefore causing her to get sick from other things more often, or it takes longer to get rid of a cold, etc.

Advice she gives to fellow and newly diagnosed people with Crohn’s or Colitis is first, find a doctor that specializes, studies, and researches Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. Get as many opinions and advice from friends and support groups formed of people who have IBD and know what you’re going through. Don’t let Crohn’s or Colitis win. Use the adversity as a chance to inspire people and to hope for better things to come. Appreciate and celebrate the little things.Don’t let yourself be consumed with the negatives. Don’t forget to laugh and live life. Find ways to focus on others. We might be facing a relentless illness that will come and go as it pleases, but that doesn’t mean that we are ‘victims’.  She also recommends using the GI buddy app. It’s a great place to document and monitor symptoms as well as a great resource to so much IBD related stuff.


She sees this struggle as an opportunity to grow stronger, keep the hope, celebrate the little things in life, and to be thankful. She also want her compassion for others who face chronic illnesses to be a place of encouragement that none of us are alone as we go through this. Keep living, and keep loving life.

Stay strong and Crohnie on!!!

#crohniesaretoughies (her fave hashtag)

Follow Abby on Instragram and her blog. (DearAbby789 on Instagram, dearabby789.wordpress.com)

If you would like to make a donation in honor of Abby Walker please click DONATE HERE! Donations made thru September 9th will be matched by CCFA.

Crohn’s Disease: ‘My stomach pains were like a scene from Alien’

The Nottingham Post posted an article today about Crohn’s Disease. In this article they interviewed a  man named Matthew Littlewood, who is 39 years old. Here is the article:

Crohn’s disease: ‘My stomach pains were like a scene from Alien’

By Nottingham Post  |  Posted: July 08, 2014

Matthew Littlewood pictured alongside his family, at their home in Southwell. From left: Matthew Littlewood, 39, Finn Littlewood, 2, Rachel Malone, 40, and Erin Hayball, 12. Matthew Littlewood pictured alongside his family, at their home in Southwell. From left: Matthew Littlewood, 39, Finn Littlewood, 2, Rachel Malone, 40, and Erin Hayball, 12.

FOR nearly 20 years Matthew Littlewood has been trapped in a “living nightmare”.  Every day, the 39-year-old dad from Southwell deals with crippling abdominal pain, chronic fatigue and malnutrition brought on by Crohn’s disease.  Such is the severity of his illness that Mr Littlewood had to undergo an eight-hour operation to remove his colon and have a colostomy bag fitted.

“My dreams for the future have been destroyed,” the former QMC nurse says. “All I ever wanted was to be a nurse, and I was a nurse, but now I am not and never will be again – it is pretty hard to come to terms with that.

“My partner’s dreams have been destroyed, too. She works when she can but we can’t have holidays and our social life is almost non-existent.

“Going out for dinner is like planning a military operation.”

Mr Littlewood, who lives in Norwood Gardens with fiancée Rachel Malone, 40, son Finn Littlewood, 2, and stepdaughter Erin Hayball, 13, was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2011.

However, he has been suffering with the symptoms of the illness, which include passing blood and stomach pains “which feel like that scene out of Alien” since he was 20 years old.

He said: “I had a three-month period of strong abdominal pains and bleeding when I was around 20.

“I didn’t go to the doctor because I just brushed it off as irritable bowel syndrome. And, to be honest, it is difficult to talk about things that are so embarrassing.

“Then when I was 24, I got a rectal abscess, which was so painful. I had it for a month before going to the doctor, who thought it could be a hernia and referred me to a specialist.”

Mr Littlewood went on to suffer chronic constipation, which left his colon completely blocked, and fistulas.

The fistulas would break the surface of the skin on Mr Littlewood’s buttocks where they would leak puss, blood and waste.

Surgeons put a stitch into the fistulas to create a perpetual drain, which eased the symptoms for a time.

However, on January 1, 2010, Mr Littlewood fell more ill than he had ever been. He recalled: “I had never felt so ill. I had crippling abdominal pain. I was going to the toilet 20 or 30 times a day, passing blood and nothing else, and the fistulas were growing.”

In a bid to ease Mr Littlewood’s pain, surgeons cut out a large section of his buttocks leaving him “terribly scarred”. However, the decision was finally taken to remove his colon and fit a colostomy bag instead.

He said: “I feel the best that I ever have but I know that it won’t last; it hangs over you.

“I want more people to be aware of the condition because it is an invisible illness.

“On the outside I look fine but I am constantly exhausted.

“It’s like having flu but without the sniffles and sneezes, along with a constant feeling of heartburn – all day, everyday.

“It is almost impossible to sleep; it is like being a living zombie.”

More than 260,000 people in the UK are thought to be living with inflammatory bowel disease – the umbrella which Crohn’s comes under – and a further 10,000 cases are diagnosed each year.

Medical research and patient support charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK – with support from the Big Lottery – embarked on a four-year research project into the causes and symptoms of chronic fatigue for the estimated 260,000 people living with inflammatory bowel disease.

People with Crohn’s and colitis will now be able to measure the severity and impact of their fatigue objectively using the newly-researched and validated inflammatory bowel disease Fatigue Scale, which is available on http://www.fatigueinIBD.co.uk

Helen Terry, director of patient support and information at Crohn’s and Colitis UK, said: “Some doctors and nurses are unaware of how much fatigue can affect people with inflammatory bowel disease and many do not ask about it during an appointment.

“We are asking everyone with inflammatory bowel disease to make sure that they have told their healthcare professionals about this under- recognised symptom.

“We hope that the Fatigue Scale will greatly improve the quality of discussions between patients and their doctors.”

Dr Nina Lewis, a consultant gastroenterologist at Nottingham City Hospital said: “Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are a common cause of ill health, affecting approximately 0.5% people in the UK and cost the NHS an estimated £720 million each year.

Despite lots of research, the cause Crohn’s disease remains largely unknown, although major advances have been made in the last few years.

“If you develop diarrhoea, abdominal pain and or weight loss lasting for several weeks or longer, it is important to see your doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong.”

THE Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease following her Celebrity Big Brother stint in January.

She is now helping patient support charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK to improve awareness of the condition.

“The exhaustion I experienced was horrible, life- limiting and a typically untreated symptom for people with Crohn’s or colitis,” she said.

“This new Fatigue Scale is a breakthrough and will make talking to my doctors much, much easier.

“This really is great news for everyone with inflammatory bowel disease or similar conditions.”

Read more: http://www.nottinghampost.com/stomach-pains-like-scene-Alien/story-21341763-detail/story.html#ixzz36sUcFqeA