F-Ya! Friday: Fundraising Update


HOLY CRAP! May the 4th was AWESOME!

Let me just take a moment say THANK YOU and WOW!!!! This week has been AMAZING for the 3 COR Warriors Virtual Run!!! With everyone sharing the posts we have 224 people signed up and counting! Yesterday alone over 300 people visited the 3 COR Warriors site and today its already off with a bang! We still have a ton of medals to sell so keep sharing everywhere!

A main question I get asked is:

How much of the money will the girls get from this race? Well, let me tell you. We are asking $25 per entry with $20 of each entry going to the girls. The medals cost $5 each and that is all we are asking for in return. I am paying the shipping and packaging for all these medals out of my own pocket with no question or hesitation.

Wow! That is a lot of money out of your own pocket. Why?  The question shouldn’t be why but why not?! Personally, I only know Ellie first hand but have gotten to know Kym more over these past few months! When I first heard about the accident my heart broke and immediately thought what can I do to help? What people don’t realize is that almost all of us from COR are transplants (moved here from somewhere else) yet are one BIG (sometimes dysfunctional) family that do more than just race together. We celebrate weddings, graduations, accomplishments but also support, love and come together during the hard times. Colorado Obstacle Racers group opens their arms to anyone even if you are not part of the group (…yet) or a runner. When we race a majority of the elites will come back on the course to rally and help the rest us finish the race strong.
If you don’t see the picture, let’s just say that COR is like the TV Show FRIENDS! Yes, we have our immediate families but as we get older our friends become our family too! Our captains even host a Thanksgiving and Christmas gathering for those that don’t have anywhere to go because they stand by the motto “no one should be left out or have nowhere to go”.
I know that we set a very ambitious goal for this virtual run but I figured since our OCR and running family is so HUGE and these women loved OCR and running, why not set the bar high! With that said, we have ordered 2000 medals with only 1775 left.  (you can do the math and see how much this helps the girls). With that said, please continue to share this race and sign up! We rather hold your medal until you have money to pay then lose out on getting one.

You will feel this way too when you sign up!

Here is a breakdown on how to register:
1. Sign up HERE
2. Send $25 via PayPal: http://Paypal.me/corgear
3. Be on the lookout for emails from me!
Thats it! Simple! Some have asked how do we donate more. You can either add it on to your race entry (just make note in comments), visit the GoFundMe page or send additional money via PayPal after you run. Choice is yours but just your participation in the run means the world to these warriors and their families.

Think About It Thursday! Sign Up TODAY

Wow! The love that we have received for these ladies is beyond words! I know they personally feel all the love, support and excitement around this race. Since announcing this race we have had over 1000 people all over the world reading about it and have about 200 people signed up between Canada and the US. This is just incredible! Our goal is to get 2000 people signed up from all over the world! Check out where everyone is running

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 7.38.59 AM.png

Today, Kym went in for her 4th surgery from the accident. She finally was able to part ways with Maurice (her ostomy bag). This is just another step in her journey to a full recovery. She had a going away party this past weekend for her and Maurice. Here are a couple pics and her vibrant smile.

Both Ellie and Kym are still out of work and recovering from the accident. By participating in this race you are helping take away their financial stress, showing support and love all the while they are able to focus on their recovery.

If every person that has looked at this race, the past  month, actually signed up we would have about 1200 people from all over the world which means the girls would have $30,000! That is nuts to think about!

What is stopping you from signing up?

  • Cost? Pay when you can just sign up to hold your medal. I won’t send medals til I know money has been sent.
  • Don’t know the girls? We will be showcasing each of the women over the next few weeks to let you see how amazing they are
  • Don’t have PayPal? Ok well contact me and we can figure something out!
  • Why should you? If you have or know anyone that has been in a serious car accident you know the stress, hassle and time it takes to settle everything (average length is 3 years). Each major surgery cost around $200k depending what is being done. It all adds up fast and not even including the emotional, physical and mental challenges that don’t have a price. In a blink of an eye these women’s lives changed forever.

Let me tell you through everything that these girls have been through, their strength, love and positivity amaze me. Yes, they have their bad days but overall they stay positive and move forward. They definitely took the term “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” to a whole new level.


Medal Unveiling: Ellie

Good Morning Everyone! Here is our last Warrior, Ellie, who received her medal yesterday and was definitely excited but had to wait so that someone could film it.

If you haven’t registered yet whats stopping you? Is it money? Fine register and pay when you can. Medals will be shipped out once we verify transactions.

Don’t have PayPal? Ok contact Laura or me and we will work something out!

These are a ONCE in a LIFETIME medal that mean so much to what WE at COR stand for!!! We wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to get one so we ordered a ton! Register today!!!!!



Colorado Obstacle Racers could not be more excited to present to you the “3 COR WARRIORS” medal! These medals are 4″ in diameter, color with custom ribbon. This is a one of a kind medal that proceeds go to a great group of women and we couldn’t be more proud on how they turned out! Take a look for yourself


Complete Medal



Comparison on how BIG they are!

If you haven’t registered there is still time and medals available! CLICK HERE FOR INFO

We decided to present the medals to our 3 COR Warriors first and see their reactions below (will be updated as we post the videos)


Tiffany (Corrina’s Daughter)


Kickoff: 3 COR Warriors Virtual Run


Ok, it’s the first week of the race and I wanted to touch base with everybody to make sure I communicated all the details again. Better safe than sorry.

So here’s the deal: Starting today, Monday (May 1) and continuing through Sunday (June 3) night you go run, walk, bike, hike, swim etc your own 5K, 10k, half, full or any amount of miles. You can get your miles in whenever and wherever you want to. On the roads? Absolutely. Treadmill? Still Counts. …Track, Trails, Beach, etc? Hell yes. You get the idea. So all you need to do is get your run in, take note of your time, and pop it into the convenient web based entry form HERE. If you have any questions or comments at all, you can email me at: rachel.hillary@gmail.com. Once the race is over and I have all the results back, I’ll compile everything and send it out for with an overall recap email.

MEDALS: Medals are to arrive by end of day today!!! I am super excited to see them and get them out to you ASAP. My goal is to send them out every Friday as more people register. Once I send them out I will send an email with tracking information for you to track your package. I am waiting to get medals to figure out exactly what size bubble mailing envelope I need to send them in. So please, bare with me this week. Also, before I post the medal on social media; I will be sending Ellie & Kym their medals first to see before everyone.

(as I was typing this the boxes arrived!!!!)


27 boxes = 2000 medals!!!!

Spartan Ft. Carson Sprint/Super: For those of you that are participating in the Ft Carson Sprint/Super in couple weeks (May 13-14),  Laura will have them on hand at the Biggest Team Tent! Find Laura to get your medal. If you would prefer I mail your medal sooner please let me know otherwise if you said “Yes” to running in Ft. Carson, the plan is for you to pick them up there.

And to be honest, that’s about it. Oh, and have fun. That is one of the main goals here. We’re here to raise money for an amazing group of women, but just as importantly we’re here to have a good time while doing it. Don’t forget to use your Charity Miles app if you are running with your phone.

When you do, use the hashtag #3CORWarriors into your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social media app. This will be a way to “tag” ourselves as the official participants of the 3 COR Warriors virtual race so we can try and tally up all the miles we rack up together.

And lastly, if you’d like to share any part of the experience of your run, or share any pictures, anything at all: please don’t be shy about sending them to me as well. I’ll post them up on my blog and social media so we can all share in the fun!

If you haven’t

I look forward to seeing your times and hearing your stories. If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to send them to me back at this email address.

Thanks again, and have a great run!