Testimony Tuesday


I’ve never considered myself a runner. Always told myself that I would just walk. Then my good friend convinced me to join team challenge. I learned more about her challenges with living with Crohn’s. I knew I could make a difference and walk 13.1 miles. I met my first goal, of raising the funds. This was a group effort for sure with the help of TC! They are there with great ideas and cheering you on. I felt so grateful for TC support but to see my friends and family join with me! Seeing the donations come in really made me feel loved. This also helped with the trainings. Days when I wouldn’t want to walk, I would because I knew I was doing this for my friend and all those who were supporting me. Then race weekend came. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Race morning I felt the nerves for sure. I started to run to help with my overall time. Not only did I run, not walk, but I ran more than I ever thought I could! Not only can you do this – raise funds and RUN, but it was easier than I thought possible. Now I can’t wait to run my next race … Never thought those words would come out of my mouth!!
– Sara Colorosa, Kona 2014 (on the right)


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